Please read BEFORE registering and uploading your voice samples

Registration & Voice Demo FAQ's

Who should register to be included in our database?

Our recording studios are in New York City. Many recordings are done timed, to picture or lip-synced and therefore we are looking primarily for VO talent that can come to our studios to record. In some instances we may allow voice talent to record in their home studios if they can deliver the professional quality we and our clients demand.

ENGLISH VO talent: Please register only if you are living in the New York Tristate area.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE VO talent: Please register only if you are in the New York Tristate area or if you have a professional home-studio (access to a professional studio)

How long should my voice demo be?
What scripts should I use for my demo?
Never Slate your voice samples!
Your normal speaking voice must be FIRST!!!
Be careful with commercials!
Do I need to pay to be included in a voice database?
Can I record a demo in your studio?

Casting / Auditions FAQ's

Castings and custom auditions

Usually the first round of a voice casting is based on your generic VO samples. We listen to your voice and if we think you might be a good match for the character, persona, etc you will be included in our pre-selection that we send to our client. In most cases, a final determination of who will get the job will be done based on that pre-selection and your generic VO sample. But for big and important projects we are often required to provide custom auditions. Suitable (pre-selected) voice talent will be invited to come to our studio (sometimes we allow recording at home studios) and read a short part of the actual or simulated script. Custom auditions can include upt to three rounds off call backs for the lucky ones, who make it to the next round.

What are casting directors looking for in an audition?
How do I prepare for an audition?
Don't over-rehearse!
Be professional, relaxed and be yourself!
A word about agents
Do I get feedback and how long does it take ?

Address/Recording Studios

261 W 35th Street / Suite 502
New York, NY 10001


New York Office:  (+1) 212 239 8695
Florida Office:  (+1) 904 379 8797
Connecticut Office:  (+1) 646 693 6090

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